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My name is Sam and I write Solitary Quest.

I love playing games. In fact, I love playing games so much that I play them even when there isn't anyone else to play with.

Solitary Quest is a blog about solo tabletop games; a place for me to share my passion and thoughts on solo gaming.

On this blog you will find reviews of new and classic 1 player games, previews of upcoming games, and more articles like interviews with game designers and lists of my favorite games by category.

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Sponsorships & Previews

I primarily review games that I am interested in playing. But I am always looking to try new things. If you have an upcoming crowdfunding campaign for a game or recently published a game and you would like me to write a solo review, please get in touch.

Will I Review It?

I will not review games that promote hate, bigotry, targeted harassment, transphobia, misogyny, racist views, or other forms of discrimination.

I typically only review games with officially-published solo variants.


Solitary Quest's logo and banners were designed by Jo Veres. You can find her art on Instagram. All other artists' works are credited in image metadata and caption. Otherwise all images are my own.

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